RIP Kona Hoss (2004-2009)

Hang on a sec, no- I didn't wreck another bike.   My Hoss is just fine, and it better stay that way, because as of 2010- Kona no longer offers it.  

"So what, you already have one- what's the big deal?"  

It's just kind of sad to see it go.  I might not even be a mountain biker right now if it weren't for that bike. 

See, once upon a time, I was even fatter than I am now. When I got back into bicycling in 2007, I weighed in at about 260.   At the time, I was pretty intent on getting a road bike.  Getting lost all day out on the road really appealed to me and hey- my hero Mike Magnuson used road biking to pedal off eighty plus pounds in his book "Heft On Wheels".   So I got a road bike.   And I jumped into the whole bicycling lifestyle thing.  As a result, I found myself in bike shops a lot finding new and creative ways to hand them my money as often as possible.  Living where I do, it's hard to ignore mountain bikes. We've got awesome trails, everybody rides them, and there's a ton of great races nearby.  

Only problem was, every time I test rode a mountain bike- it did a great job of reminding me I was a fat guy on a bicycle.  They just didn't inspire any confidence. However, I kept reading about this goofy company called "Kona" that offered a bike specifically for 200+ lb riders.  Only problem was, nobody had one locally. 

So early in 2007, I found myself hanging out at a bike shop in downstate Michigan. And look at that, a leftover 2006 Kona Hoss. In my size even.  Test ride time!  

For whatever reason, this bike immediately did what all good bikes should- it dissapeared under me. I was able to ride hard, have fun, and not constantly feel like something was going to fall apart on me. 


A couple months after that, I was entering my first mountain bike race.    

It's been a great, great bicycle. It's taken me 2 years to even consider riding something else and that new bike is a Kona too.  

Although I'll probably never buy another one and sure- there's lots of similar bikes out there, I wonder how many big dudes might decide not to mountain bike without a bike specifically marketed towards them?  



Your internal dialogue cracks me up.

This blog is an insight into your mind we didn't really ask for, but thoroughly enjoy anyway...

I have read "Heft on Wheels" and I makes me want a road bike. Unfortunately my heart belongs to the dirt. As it stands right now I am 245 and steadily working towards being thinner. It is awesome that you found a bike that worked for you.

Ride on.

I am over 200lbs and the HOSS did the same for me...

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